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No matter when it comes to research or Quality Control samples, Ansynth Service B.V. acts as a center of competence in Amino Acid Analysis and offers more than 40 years of experience.

We strongly believe in direct communication and a flexible approach, resulting in an outstanding Service with capital S.

Basically any type of sample that contains amino acids and peptides or proteins can be managed, such as :

  • Dairy and milk products (liquid and powders)
  • Feedstuff, fodder and silage
  • Foodstuff and pet food
  • Leaves, petals and seeds
  • Waste products
  • Raw materials
  • Fruit juices, soft drinks and beer
  • Physiological, metabolic samples (plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, amniotic fluid, seminal fluid, tissue extracts, etc.)
  • Growth media and supplements for GMP culture processes
  • Protein and peptide based (pharmaceutical) products
  • Synthetic peptides
  • Collagen and collagen products

In all types of samples free and total (bound) amino acids can be analysed.
Standard testing includes up to 42 amino acids and related compounds which are:

Common (natural) amino acids Amino acid related compounds
Aspartic acid Phosphoserine
Threonine Taurine
Serine Phosphoethanolamine
Asparagine Hydroxyproline
Glutamic acid Sarcosine
Glutamine α-aminoadipic acid
Cysteine Citrulline
Proline α-aminobutyric acid
Glycine Homocitrulline
Alanine Cystathionine
Valine β-alanine
Cystine β-aminobutyric acid
Methionine Homocystine
Isoleucine γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
Leucine Ethanolamine
Tyrosine Hydroxylysine
Phenylalanine Ornithine
Lysine 1-Methylhistidine
Histidine 3-Methylhistidine
Tryptophan Anserine
Arginine Carnosine

Beside this list Ansynth Service B.V. offers analysis of amino acid related compounds, custom based analysis as well as method development, which can be found here

For free amino acid determination an appropriate extraction method will be applied.
General sample pretreatment is included in the analysis cost.
Extensive or non-standard treatment will be discussed prior to acceptance of your order.

For total amino acid analysis, we perform:
  • Acid hydrolysis for the stable amino acids
  • Oxidation followed by acid hydrolysis for cyst(e)ine and methionine
  • Alkaline hydrolysis for tryptophan. Di-peptide bound tryptophan can be also estimated by quantitative analysis of these di-peptides.

Analysis of amino acids is performed with HPLC-UV/FLU and/or Biochrom amino acid analysers using classical ion-exchange liquid chromatography with post-column Ninhydrin derivatisation and photometric detection. Li-Citrate as well as Na-Citrate buffer system elution is used to cover the total amino acid analysis field. Quantifications are performed with a suitable internal standard.

Our methods are based on EP2.2.56, USP <1052> and EC directive L152/2009, Annex III.
Samples originating from GMP production processes are analysed according to the relevant Ph. Eur. monographs.

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